AMPHENOL UHF/PL-259 Male Solder Coax Connector for 50ohm Low Loss RG-58 RF Cable

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This AMPHENOL connector works with 50ohm low loss RF cable RG-58

Ideal for build or repair coaxial cables,use this connector to create your own UHF cable which is widely used in Wireless Communications Systems, Short Antenna Feeder runs or any other application (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA, Mobile Antennas).Top DIY solution

Silver plated body, pin,and sleeve good for conductivity and easier soldering.

The dielectric is Teflon to handle higher power and withstand high temperature when soldering and will not Melt

All metal parts are made of brass copper, premium quality connector.

Impedance :50 ohm



TypeImpedanceCore (mm)DielectricOutside   diameterShieldsRemarksMax. attenuation,   750 MHz
(ohms)Type(VF)(in)(mm)(in)(mm)(dB/100 ft)
Amateur   radio; Thicknet (10BASE5) is similar5.967[22]
RG-8X501PF0.750.1854.70.2426.1DoubleA thinner   version, with the electrical characteristics of RG-8U in a diameter similar   to RG-6.[23]10.946[22]


RG-11/U751.63PE0.66-.850.2857.20.41210.5Dual/triple/quadLow   loss at high frequency for cable and satellite television. Used for long   drops and underground conduit, similar to RG7 but generally lower loss.[24][25]3.65

0.3087.82Dual   braid shieldedRated   to 8000 volts, rubber dielectric
RG-58/U500.81PE0.660.1162.90.1955SingleUsed   for radiocommunication and amateur radio, thin Ethernet (10BASE2) and NIM   electronics, Loss 1.056 dB/m @ 2.4 GHz. Common.[26]13.104[22]
RG-59/U750.64PE0.660.1463.70.2426.1SingleUsed   to carry baseband video in closed-circuit television, previously used for   cable television. In general, it has poor shielding but will carry an HQ HD   signal or video over short distances.[27]9.708[22]
RG-59A/U750.762PF0.780.1463.70.2426.1SingleSimilar   physical characteristics as RG-59 and RG-59/U, but with a higher velocity   factor. 8.9@700 MHz8.900[28]

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